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Pot v. Hemp: Illegal or Legal, it’s all Cannabis to Me

Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Lannom What is marijuana and how does it differ from hemp? Both marijuana and hemp are the exact same plant, cannabis. The cannabis plant can be grown with or without a discernable level of THC, the chemical that makes people high. After harvesting, hemp looks like, feels like and, [...]

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Boating Under The Influence – BUI

BOATING UNDER THE INFLUENCETennessee Code Annotated 69-9-217, Boating Under the Influence.  (a) It is unlawful for any person or persons to operate any vessel subject to registration or any commercial vessel as defined in this section on the public waters of the state while under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, narcotic drug, or drug producing stimulating effects [...]

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What Happens If I’m Convicted Of This Crime?

One of the first questions i am asked when meeting with a citizen accused of a crime is "what is going to happen to me?" Sometimes they want to tell me about what happened to someone they know who was charged or convicted of the same type of case. It's normal to want to [...]

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A Tennessee DUI Could Cost You Your Right to Carry a Gun

Everybody knows a DUI can carry severe penalties, from heavy fines, possible jail time, and driving restrictions to impacting a person’s ability to get a job or a bank loan.  One result of a DUI that most of my clients aren’t prepared for is the loss of their Second Amendment right to carry a firearm. If you [...]

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Miranda Warnings – Are They Rights?

One of the most common questions I hear from my clients is, "does it matter that the police didn’t read me my rights when I was arrested?”   In almost every instance they are  referring to the constitutional rights known as Miranda Rights, also known as Miranda Warnings.The Miranda Warnings were mandated by the 1966 [...]

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What Freedom is Left?

What Freedom is Left?Your government, supposedly that of free Americans, is once again invading the private lives of its own citizens without probable cause on both a national and a local level.Apple, Google, Facebook, and Youtube are just a few of the companies acknowledging that the Federal Government has accessed their data bases for [...]

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Should I Plead Guilty to My DUI?

If I am arrested for DUI in Tennessee, is pleading guilty a reasonable option? Pleading guilty to DUI is never the first option given consideration if I am representing an individual accused of DUI. After 20  years of defending citizens charged with DUI, I have seen an opportunity to win a DUI case in some [...]

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Unreasonable Search & Seizure DUI

United States Supreme Court Upholds Constitution In Unreasonable Search & Seizure DUI Blood Draw CaseCurrently, under Tennessee law, a law enforcement officer is authorized to take a blood sample from a citizen, through force or otherwise, and without the requirement that the officer obtain a search warrant, if he or she has probable cause to [...]

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Firearm Offenses – Weapons Violations

Firearm offenses and weapons violations are a significant part of Lannom & Williams’ criminal practice.  Tennessee law makes the possession and employment of firearms very serious offenses.  The most sweeping changes occurred recently regarding possession and employment of firearms during the commission of a dangerous felony. Tennessee prosecutors are now using this statute to require [...]

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Frank Lannom Discusses Domestic Assault Charges

You probably saw or read in recent news that Andruw Jones, formerly of the Atlanta Braves, was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Just slightly behind DUI's in the number of calls we get from citizens in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, are calls related to arrest for domestic assault.  Like DUI offenses, domestic assault charges [...]

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