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Some divorces do not require that both parties hire attorneys to advise them in legal matters and/or represent their interests in court. If you and your spouse agree on everything as far as the terms of the divorce (and child custody/support agreements if necessary), then it will be faster and less costly to pursue an Uncontested Divorce. If there are minor differences you cannot iron out between you, you can retain the services of a Rule 31 Mediator to help you both come to a mutually satisfactory divorce/custody settlement.

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

An Uncontested Divorce is basically a divorce in which neither party challenges the other on the terms and conditions of the divorce. One party hires an attorney to prepare the paperwork that they or the attorney then provide to the other party for review and signature. Once the paperwork is agreed upon and signed, the attorney will then file it with the Court to obtain the Final Decree. A key thing to know about an Uncontested Divorce is that the attorney represents the person who retains them, thus making that person the attorney’s client. They will advise their client of the laws, make suggestions that may benefit their client, and prepare the divorce and any corresponding parenting plan in a way that best represents their client’s wishes. The non-retaining party will have no legal representation in the proceedings. For couples with little to no property division, no children, haven’t been married long, or completely agree about the terms of their divorce and want an economical and quick way to obtain it, an Uncontested Divorce can be a great option.

What is Rule 31 Mediation?

A Rule 31 Mediator provides a simple and effective way for two parties who have minor differences they can’t resolve by themselves to negotiate their divorce without the expense of obtaining attorneys and going through the lengthy process of a Contested Divorce. In certain circumstance; however, people who have attorneys also choose mediation as a last chance for settlement before going to trial. Mediation is the process whereby a Certified Rule 31 Mediator acts as a facilitator between two divorcing parties. The Mediator does not act as either party’s attorney and they do not advise or advocate for either party’s legal interest. They are there to help both people come to a mutually beneficial agreement that adheres to Tennessee laws. The benefits of a Rule 31 Mediator are that the process is faster and less expensive than a Contested Divorce and it is also discrete, an agreement signed by both parties and the Mediator are all the Court requires of a mediated divorce.

Hire a Mt. Juliet and Lebanon TN Attorney or Mediator

We can provide you with Uncontested Divorce or Rule 31 Mediation services and, in the event that neither of these options work for you – we can aggressively represent you in a Contested Divorce as well. We have offices in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet, but also serve the surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee. Give us a call at (615) 444-3995 to discuss your options.