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Drug Offense Attorney Lebanon & Mt Juliet TN

The criminal defense team at the Frank Lannom Law Group have fought many battle over drug possession, drug sales, and how extensive serious drug trafficking charges are.  We know the laws specific to Tennessee that helps first offenders and find ourselves one of the few criminal defense firms who can accurately tell a person charged with drug sales or trafficking how much time they are actually facing when there are previous felony convictions. 

There are many methods of defending drug charges ranging from personally mitigating factors, to whether the drugs were held for resale or personal use, to illegally obtained evidence, searches of homes, cars and cellphones, and Infringements upon your rights during or after your arrest.

Recent increased action in seizing cell phones and obtaining search warrants to take every piece of information from that cell phone is gaining popularity with police throughout Tennessee. We will provide updates on discovery and the outlook of your case.

Many changes have occurred recently in the prosecutions of drug crimes within the state of Tennessee.  New laws raising penalties for drug crimes which occur within 1000 feet of schools, pre-schools, playgrounds, day care centers and recreation parks have made drug crime penalties particularly harsh.  Crimes alleged to have been committed even with the mere presence of a gun carry mandatory sentences and make even less serious crimes non-probatable, requiring almost all sentences to served in the State Penitentiary. But, even with the changes in current law, many opportunities still exist for those with no or limited prior records (even if a strong proof of guilt exists) to avoid the lifelong penalty of a criminal record impacting career opportunities. Frank Lannom has extensive experience with finding resolutions to drug offenses which not only prevent jail sentences but also prevent criminal records from attaching to young defendants or others with good backgrounds prior to their arrest.

Frank Lannom and our team of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and investigators respond with aggressiveness that matches that of law enforcement.  We act with determination to prevent our clients from being pressured into making hasty, unplanned decisions concerning their case. Just as the prosecution funds a lengthy investigation, we also conduct a thorough investigation, often uncovering police error, prosecutorial mismanagement, and violations of clients’ constitutional rights.  We have years of experience handling a variety of drug law violations and difficult narcotics cases, and have the expertise necessary to defend clients accused of drug manufacture, drug distribution and trafficking, and drug possession.

Frank Lannom and Melanie Bean represent clients accused of involvement with a variety of illegal substances, including cocaine/crack, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Many of our clients are licensed professionals such as nurses, teachers or airline pilots who will lose their livelihood if they are convicted of a drug offense. These significant penalties can often be prevented and/or reduced by retaining equally aggressive lawyers Frank and his firm.