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Seizure of Property Attorney Lebanon & Mt Juliet TN

Lebanon and Mt. Juliet Tennessee Seizure Defense Attorneys

lawyerIn the State of Tennessee, the state is allowed to seize personal property including houses and/or vehicles without even charging or arresting the individual whose property is being seized with a crime. This seizure of property can have extremely detrimental consequences that affect your day-to-day life as well as negatively impacting your job or career.

The property subject to seizure includes all automobiles, boats, equipment, and products as well as all conveyances, including aircract, vehicles, or vessels which are used, or are intended for use, to transport or facilitate the transportation, sale, or receipt of controlled substances.  The state can also legally seize everything of value furnished, or intended to be furnished, in exchange for a controlled substance and all proceeds traceable to such an exchange as well as all moneys, negotiable instruments, and securities used, or intended to be used, to facilitate any violation of the Tennessee Drug Control Act. Our clients have even had their gas grills taken and piggy banks smashed and the change inside confiscated.

Because these seizure laws apply to legalize the confiscation of any vehicle allegedly used to transport illegal drugs (or intended to be used for such transportation), they can have a significantly negative impact on your quality of life and your means of income, preventing you from going to your work or recreation. The seizure laws also can be applied to any items such as computers, cameras, cell phones, and other technology that is alleged to be used in the production or sale of illegal drugs in any way, further impeding your ability to function in our technologically dependent society.

To protect your rights and prevent such impediment to your daily life and responsibilities, we will act rapidly to make your claim to the property seized and consequently force the state to prove their case.  In these seizure of property cases, the hearings, rules, and burden of proof is different than with regular court hearings.  I and my staff have the experience necessary to represent you in these matters if you are confronted with the loss of your personal property by the State, and will act to successfully recover property for all clients facing such seizure. Frank Lannom Law Group is such a well known anti-civil forfeiture law firm that I was asked to testify in front of a U.S. Justice Panel for Human Rights about the government’s abuse of this law and citizen’s rights.