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Private aviation accidents—those not involving a commercial carrier—see a number of different causes.  For example, such accidents can result from pilot error, maintenance problems, malfunctioning equipment or defective parts, as well as from aircraft which was poorly designed.  While a heightened professional standard of care applies to most commercial aircraft companies and the major airlines, private aviators have a lower standard under which they operate, and only have to use reasonable care toward passengers.

Helicopter accidents are another very dangerous type of aviation accident.  These types of accidents happen much more frequently than airplane accidents, and have a wide array of potential causes.  Extensive investigation is therefore needed to determine what caused a helicopter crash.

Unfortunately, commercial airliners also crash, resulting in terrible tragedy.  The attorneys with Lannom & Williams are compassionate and fully understand the grief being experienced by the victims’ families and friends.  Lannom & Williams partner B. Keith Williams entered this highly specialized area of the law after dear friend was killed in a commercial aviation disaster.

In the aftermath of a commercial crash, there is a very time-intensive, technical process to establish the cause.  This process involves the National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration and independent investigators working on behalf of victims, their families, commercial carriers and aircraft manufacturers.  In the aftermath of a commercial crash, not only will surviving victims and the families of those who died have to deal with their tragic loss, they also face having to deal with the airlines, insurance companies, and others.  The airlines may ask for personal information about the deceased such as their occupation, earnings, and dependents; insurance companies may also contact them.  We recommend that victims or next of kin not respond to any such inquiries, accept any offers, or sign any documents before speaking to an attorney who is knowledgeable in aviation cases.

There are also important protections under the law that families of victims should know about.  In 1996, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act. This law requires that the families of airline accident victims be treated with care and respect. Among its protections are the following:

  • Family members should be given time to notify other relatives before passengers’ names are made public.
  • Airlines must offer crisis counseling for families.
  • Airlines must make hotel rooms and food available to the surviving loved ones.
  • Airlines must help family members retrieve dental records and X-rays to identify the victims.
  • Airlines must provide transportation to and from the crash site.
  • Airlines should consult family members about a memorial.
  • Airlines must make available a family assistance hotline.

Aircraft accident law can be complicated, and as a result it is important to retain a law firm prepared to help you through the process of determining what really happened and who is responsible.  After an aviation accident has occurred—whether it be a private accident, helicopter crash, or commercial airliner crash—our team of aviation attorneys and investigators will work quickly to preserve the wreckage, interview witnesses, evaluate liability, and protect the victim and family’s rights during interviews with authorities and insurance representatives.  If a lawsuit is then necessary to obtain justice for what occurred, we are well positioned to take on those responsible for the tragedy and their well-funded defense teams.

Keith Williams and Jim Stocks have years of experience handling a wide array of Aviation Accident cases for individuals from every level of society, and will fight to make sure your rights, privacy, and freedom are protected.