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Lannom & Williams Attorneys

Attorney Frank Lannom

Attorney Frank Lannom, Partner

I concentrate my practice on the defense of citizens accused of crimes. The principle of my practice is simple: I believe that you have to care for the people you represent. This ideology results in my offering a personal and specialized approach to each of my clients. I offer genuine concern and empathy for those I represent and this is the core of my practice. I will do everything that can be done to provide you the best defense possible…

Attorney Keith Williams

Attorney B. Keith Williams, Partner

I have been practicing law, with a focus on injury law, for over 20 years. My fundamental belief is that everyone is entitled to have their rights, their recovery, their dignity an d their future safeguarded if they have been injured due to the negligence of someone else (whether an individual or a corporation). My practice is focused on vehicle accident cases, from car and motorcycle wrecks to tractor trailer accidents…

Melanie Bean Bio Pic

Attorney Melanie R. Bean, Partner

I focus my practice on trial litigation, primarily defending individuals accused of crimes, litigating family law issues of divorce and custody, and handling appellate matters, both civil and criminal. I have unique experience defending Dependent and Neglect petitions filed by the Department of Children’s Services as a result of abuse allegations, which often coincide with pending criminal charges…

Jim Stocks

Attorney Jim Stocks

I focus my practice on personal injury, social security disability, and workers’ compensation matters, and also head up the Lannom & Williams’ appellate practice. I spent the first five years of my practice in large defense-oriented firms before moving to plaintiff’s law where I can defend people who have been injured and need relief…

Attorney Donnavon Vasek

Attorney Donnavon Vasek

My legal focus shifted to criminal law when I started working as Frank Lannom’s Lead Investigator at the Law Offices of Lannom & Williams. Working with Frank and his Associate, Melanie Bean, exposed me to the glaring fact that we as citizens must ensure that our consititutional rights are protected in the courts….

Attorney Andrew Nutt

Attorney Andrew Nutt

I joined the firm in 2013 and became Founder Frank Lannom’s Lead Investigator in 2014. After graduating law school this year, I am proud to now be a practicing attorney for the firm. My focus is criminal law and my intent is to ensure that all of my clients get the best defense for their charge. Each case must be strategically planned to get the most positive results possible…

Attorney Jeffery W. Campbell

Attorney Jeffery W. Campbell

Having to face the legal system in America can be confusing, it can be challenging, and it can be overwhelming. I focus my practice in litigation, and I stand up to help my clients navigate the waters of the judicial system. Whether you’ve been served with divorce papers, you’ve been accused of a crime, or you’ve decided to appeal a ruling from a lower court, I am here to help…