What Freedom is Left?

/What Freedom is Left?

What Freedom is Left?

What Freedom is Left?

Your government, supposedly that of free Americans, is once again invading the private lives of its own citizens without probable cause on both a national and a local level.

Apple, Google, Facebook, and Youtube are just a few of the companies acknowledging that the Federal Government has accessed their data bases for files and information on American citizens.  Verizon has admitted that it hands over vast amounts of information on its users calling habits almost on a daily basis.  The Government catalogues the information, which includes the number you called, how many times you called it, and how long you talked. Now the Government claims that the disclosure of the invasion of our privacy is a criminal act, implicitly threatening anyone who tells us, the citizens, what they are doing.  The computer program they created, allegedly called Prism, analyzes the private information of American citizens emails, searches, photographs and other digital information.

On a local front, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is announcing that it will also conduct warrantless, suspicion less stops of American citizens on the roads of Wilson and Sumner Counties, to include the cities of Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Gallatin and other middle Tennessee cities. These warrantless, suspicion less roadblocks allegedly target drivers license.  The Highway Patrol is fully aware that Tennessee Supreme Court has not once declared these to be a legal invasion of citizens right to go and come as they please without this unnecessary interference in their lives.

Unlike previous roadblocks, which under strict scrutiny are approved for DUI checkpoints and wherein officers simply inquire into impaired drivers by a few words and observing the driver for signs of impairment, today’s roadblocks will check your name, address and demand you produce documentation.  I can hear the words from the old ’50’s movies, “Where are your papers?” from Russia and Germany.

I wonder some mornings if I am in China, Russia or the United States of Governmental Control.

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Frank Lannom

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