AAJ & TAJ Appointments for Lannom & Williams Attorneys

/AAJ & TAJ Appointments for Lannom & Williams Attorneys

AAJ & TAJ Appointments for Lannom & Williams Attorneys

We are proud to announce that Keith Williams has been appointed as the Vice Chair of the American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Aviation Section for the 2013/14 term. Keith served as Secretary to the Aviation Section during the 2012/13 term.  This honor by his fellow attorneys reflects nationwide recognition of Keith’s expertise in Aviation Law. He was recently featured in the AAJ’s Aviation Law Section Spring Newsletter.  Keith’s experience in successfully litigating on behalf of the families of airplane and helicopter crash victims, as well as for victims who received injuries in aviation accidents, is an expertise that is hard to find in the legal field. In addition to fighting for the rights of his clients in the legal system, Keith is frequently brought in as co-counsel by other attorneys across the United States who recognize and need his skill in Aviation Law in order to provide the best legal services possible for their clients.

We have two honors to celebrate here at Lannom & Williams! Our own Jim Stocks was appointed to the Governor’s Board for the Tennessee Association for Justice (TAJ) for the 2013/2014 term.  The TAJ fights for the protection of the rights of the citizens in Tennessee courts and against government or big business intrusion into the court system. We know that Jim will work tirelessly to promote this admirable goal in his new leadership position.

Congratulations to Keith and Jim!
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