What are your spousal rights in an estate case?

//What are your spousal rights in an estate case?

What are your spousal rights in an estate case?

What are your rights as a surviving spouse in Tennessee?

When your spouse passes, the following days, wbest estate attorneyeeks, and months can be insurmountable with stress and grief without having to deal with the many other obstacles that awaits you. Once a spouse passes, the creditors will begin to come forward, you may have family members and step children wondering “what they get”, and you will also want to preserve the assets you have assisted your spouse in building.

Time is of the essence in estate and probate cases

Many of these obstacles can be avoided with proper estate planning, however, if that is not the case, you have many rights to still protect your personal property but must act quickly as your rights may be barred by not acting within the time prescribed.

What things is a surviving spouse entitled to?

While having a valid Last Will and Testament, prepared and executed by an attorney experienced in estate law, is the preferable way to settle an estate, there are laws in place to protect a surviving spouse if the deceased spouse died intestate (without a valid Will). After a spouse passes, you may be entitled to spousal rights such as Homestead, year’s support, and exempt property.

Hire an experienced Lebanon and Mt. Juliet Estate Attorney

To discuss what each of these rights are and how they apply to you, call my office to discuss the facts of your case.  Consultations are free and confidential. A little preparation ahead of time can protect a surviving spouse from the stress and expense of a contested estate while they are recovering from their loved one’s loss.


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