Sexual Criminal Allegations Often Proven Untrue

//Sexual Criminal Allegations Often Proven Untrue

Sexual Criminal Allegations Often Proven Untrue

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Attorney Frank Lannom

In my 25 years of experience defending citizens accused of sex crimes, I have found that allegations are often exaggerated and sometimes just down right lies. Our present day society has shifted away from the Constitutional belief of “innocent until proven guilty” to believing it is  wrong to even question the legitimacy of accuser’s claims or their credibility for the truth. The penalties for sex crimes are so onerous, often due to most allegations having multiple different charges that the punishment a possible life sentence. This comes from laws often encouraging consecutive sentencing, lack of parole eligibility, and denial of standard work credits that can be earned toward early release. If these sanctions were not enough, sexual offender registration for life in most instances is often mandated.

If you have been charged with any type of sex offense, it is important that you secure the strongest representation available. This is not any other crime. I have handled hundreds of sexual allegations, a vast majority being allegations of offending against children often in divorce and acrimonious circumstances. The collateral consequences of a sex crime conviction can be life changing.

There is never a quick fix, a defense utilizing expert witnesses, mock juries, and my experience is part of the representation I give to clients throughout Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin and other middle Tennessee cities and counties. Many people are surprised to learn that something they consider to be a relatively minor offense can actually result in some extremely severe penalties.

The following is a brief summary of the consequences for a conviction that requires registration as a sex offender:

•       Registration as a sex offender: If you are required to register as a sex offender, your personal information will be made publicly available, where you work, where you live, and much of your legal background, will be distributed to law enforcement agencies, certain service organizations, background check agencies, and volunteer organizations that provide services to children.

•       Residential and work restrictions: If the alleged victim in your case was a minor, such as in a statutory rape case, you will not be allowed to live in a place that is within 1000 feet of a public school, private or parochial school, licensed day care center, other child care facility, public park, playground, recreation center or public athletic field available for use by the general public. General cases involving minor have a requirement that you remain on the registry for the rest of your life.

•       Restrictions on your movement: You may be prevented from being within 1000 feet of any building or property owned or operated by any of the places listed above entities mentioned above without a specific and permitted reason for being there

•       Registration requirements: If you have a change of address or a job, you must notify the registering agency of your new address. I have seen people violated who worked in mobile business without an office and held in jail until a hearing. This is true if you move to another part of Tennessee or if you move out of state.

These requirements are simply a fraction of the disabilities placed on person convicted of a sexual offense. Others include being unable to visit relatives with minor children, living restrictions, curfews that are randomly assigned (such as Halloween), working for businesses that go to homes to work, and internet access is greatly limited.

Experienced professional fighters in the battle of justice like myself are the only thing that can help you mitigate or avoid these harms. If we can help, call BEFORE you meet with law enforcement or any other who wish to speak to you about any involvement in these alleged crimes. Statements given without legal counsel are what send the innocent to prison and sentence them to a life of regulation.

In Defense of the Citizen Accused,

Frank Lannom

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