How Is Boating Under the Influence Different from a DUI?

Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Lannom How a BUI Differs from a DUI In Tennessee, a charge of Boating Under the Influence (BUI) shares many features with a charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). However, there are also many differences and knowing your rights and responsibilities while boating is crucial to maintaining your [...]

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How does COVID affect my Tennessee criminal case?

COVID-19 and You – How is the Corona Virus Affecting Your Criminal Case? The Supreme Court of Tennessee has issued an order effective through the end of March that cancels court for almost everybody. There are some exceptions, but for most people this means that they will not be appearing in court until at least [...]

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What are your spousal rights in an estate case?

What are your rights as a surviving spouse in Tennessee? When your spouse passes, the following days, weeks, and months can be insurmountable with stress and grief without having to deal with the many other obstacles that awaits you. Once a spouse passes, the creditors will begin to come forward, you may have family members [...]

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I Can Provide The Best Injury Attorney For Your Case

I have practiced law for over 25 years and, 15 years ago, formed Lannom & Williams Law Firm along with Keith Williams. Throughout my legal career, I have made many friends in this community. I grew up here and I'm raising my family here in addition to practicing law. I work with, raise children alongside of, and represent these folks and [...]

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Can I Have My Tennessee Criminal Record Expunged?

Prior Criminal Convictions That Just Won't Go Away On a daily basis, citizens contact my office concerning problems they encounter from prior criminal convictions. Many times the citizens have lost jobs, promotions or security clearances because of old and mostly minor criminal convictions occurring in their youth. Most have lived exemplary lives for many years [...]

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When In Doubt, Just Stop For the School Bus

We all agree that the safety for our children in Mt. Juliet school zones is important. The fact that local law enforcement has stepped up enforcement and are targeting certain areas in high traffic zones around Mt. Juliet is understandable and, quite frankly, expected. The problem encountered by my clients is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding about when drivers are [...]

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Implied Consent and Blood vs. Breath Tests in TN

What is Implied Consent and how do you violate it? The law, T.C. A. Code 55-10-401/406,  says that if you operate a motor vehicle in Tennessee you have implicitly agreed to have your blood alcohol level tested. Violating the Implied Consent law is a civil, not a criminal offense (whereas a DUI charge is a criminal offense). [...]

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