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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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VIOLATION: Aggravated Statutory Rape


RESULTS: 2 year suspended sentence with no jail time and no requirement to register with the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, which allowed my client to continue to go to school to pick up their children, go to the ballfied to watch their games, and to continue her employment.

DETAILS: Female client was in excess of 10 years older than a 17 year old male at the time they began a sexual relationship. The male had held himself out as being over 18 years of age at the beginning of the relationship. Our investigation found photographs of the pair posted on social media and other social media post where the male stated he was over 18 years of age. A pregnancy resulted from the sexual encounters. The female was charged with 10 counts of Aggravated Statutory Rape. Each count of Aggravated Statutory Rape carried a minimum sentence of 2 years and a maximum sentence of 4 years and MANDATORY minimum 12 years on the sexual offender registry. Through motions, our firm required the state to supplement the indictment where they had failed to provide dates and places where the alleged crimes took place even though the alleged victim was over 18 years of age. (it is generally accepted that the state does not have to provide these specifics if a young child is involved).  It quickly became clear that even the male alleged victim did not consider himself a victim. After extensive litigation, an agreement was reached to that the female client would accept a 2 year sentence, all suspended with NO REQUIREMENT THAT SHE REGISTER ON THE SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRY, allowing her to continue her time with her children and the child of the encounter at ballfields and other places where children are present.

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Violation:  Felony Vandalism

Result: Not guilty verdict

My client is a pilot for a major airlines and lives in Smith County, Tennessee. After a dispute with the Smith Water District, my client attempted to uncover a water line the district had installed without permission on his property to take measurements of exactly where on his property it had been placed and accidentally damaged the waterline. The waterline had been placed on my client's property without his permission and against his express concerns and objects because the adjoining land owners, who were the beneficiaries of the waterline, had deep political connections in Smith County. 

The water line was damaged with a 4 inch hole from the front end loader on the client's tractor ad he immediately notified the water district. There was no loss of water as the water in the line was being used for testing for leaks only and would not have been potable (drinkable). The District issued a bill for $1,600 for the repair but, as the line was installed without permission, my client refused to pay. As a result, the water district indicted the landowner for felony vandalism and the matter set for a jury trial with client facing up to 4 years in prison unless he paid the extortion money.  At the end of a trial before Criminal Court Judge Brody Kane a not guilty verdict was issued and the political powers of Smith County, Tennessee did not get their way as they were accustomed to from using the bullying tactics normally employed against citizens.

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Violation: DUI

Result: Charges Dismissed

My client was charged with DUI following a very serious accident in which he was injured and transported to the hospital. The client made his living as a CDL driver but was in his personal vehicle at the time of the accident. In spite of his serious injuries, the Tennessee State Trooper conducting the accident investigation attempted to gain consent for taking the driver's blood while in the hospital, while my client was fading in and out of consciousness. Since the Supreme Court Ruling in Missouri vs. McNeely, one has a constitutional right to prevent the government from invading their body for blood and blood testing without a search warrant, consent or other exception to the warrant requirement. Waiving a constitutional right requires one to do so knowing and voluntarily. We were successfully able to argue that the attempt to get consent was not voluntarily and knowing since the client was so seriously injured. Without a valid blood test, the state was in no position to use the blood test nor show impairment due to the serious injuries. The blood test was well over the legal limit but an agreement was made to continue the case for one year and the charges were completely dismissed.

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Violation: Client charged with Shoplifting in two separate counties (Misdemeanor), Failure to Appear (Misdemeanor), Bringing Contraband into a Penal Facility (Felony) and Destruction of Evidence (Felony).


Result: Felony charges dropped and client received suspended sentences on only three of the misdemeanors with no jail time and unsupervised probation.


My client was a young lady experiencing mental difficulties along with addiction issues. After being charged with two separate shoplifting offenses in both Trousdale and Macon Counties, she missed both court dates due to difficulties arising from her mental health issues. While driving in Davidson county, she was arrested for failing to appear in court. She was arrested and searched in Davidson County and then transported to Trousdale County, She was also searched when she arrived at the Trousdale County jail. Nothing was found upon her person during either search. She was placed in a cell where she was then found to be in possession of marijuana and an alleged pill. After the pill was found the police "laid the evidence in the floor of the cell" after which the client was accused of destroying the evidence. The State charged her with bringing contraband into a penal facility (3 - 6 years in the State prison) and the destruction of evidence (3 - 6 years in the state prison), in addition to the multiple counts for failing to appear and shoplifting. She was held without bond.

After working with the client's history and a gaining her release from the hold, she was able to regain control of her life and get back on necessary medications for her mental health. After appearing in both Macon and Trousdale County, we were able to have both felony charges dropped. My client was able to plea only to shoplifting with no supervised probation. All charges in Macon County received probation as well.

This troubled young person was facing two felony charges and five misdemeanor charges; however, with the efforts of myself and my team of legal professionals and the client's desire to win back control of her life, we were able to walk out of court with her receiving suspended sentences with no supervised probation on only 3 misdemeanor charges.

Read More Violation: DUI

Result: No jail time to serve; no driver's license suspension

Client was involved in a one car accident in Smith County (Carthage), Tennessee, after attempting to return home from a night of drinking. The client left the scene before Sheriff's deputies were on the scene, but returned with his mother before the Tennessee State Troopers arrived. Client was given field sobriety tests and consented to a blood alcohol test. The client's blood alcohol level was .176. After a complete investigation, showing it was possible the client had ingested alcohol after the accident and before the blood test, an agreement was reached to dismiss the DUI charge and other citations. The client pled guilty to reckless endangerment, receiving an 11 month, 29 days sentence, all suspended. The client received no jail time to serve and no driver's license suspension.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence

Result: Dropped Charge; Reckless Driving with $50.00 fine

Client was arrested by a Tennessee State Trooper as the result of a one car accident. The client was requested to take a blood alcohol test, but no advisory warning was given as to the consequence of refusal. After review of the video tape, we were able to confirm the proper warnings were not given. The field sobriety test was discredited as a result of the serious nature of the accident and injuries to the client, which were confirmed with medical records. In the face of our investigation and preparedness, the State of Tennessee dropped the DUI (driving under the influence) charge and substituted the charge of reckless driving and a 50.00 fine with no jail time nor loss of license.
Read More Violation: DUI, Possession of Firearm while under the influence

Result: No criminal conviction, no jail time

Client was charged with driving under the influence and possession of a firearm while under the influence in Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.  Client was stopped for not dimming his bright lights when passing a Smith County deputy.  After obtaining the blood alcohol results, which were slightly over the legal limit, we reviewed all the video evidence and conducted a complete investigation.  As a result, the DUI case was dismissed in total and a diversion agreement was reached on a charge of reckless driving, which will also be dismissed in full in one year.  The client received no criminal conviction, no jail time and no loss of license. 
Read More Violation: Assault

Result: All charges dismissed

Client was charged with one count of assault in the Criminal Court of Wilson County, Tennessee. On behalf of our client, we conducted a preliminary hearing, securing testimony which contradicted the police reports in the case. The hearing was based upon our investigation and ended in the ultimate dismissal of ALL CHARGES against our client, without the payment of court cost. 
Read More Violation: Due Care Violation; Failure to Yield

Result: Not Guilty Verdict

My client was charged with a due care violation and failure to yield after entering the interstate from the shoulder and being rear ended.  My client had been on the roadway and still had his emergency lights before being hit.  After a trial, my client was found not guilty and no points were issued against his CDL license.  
Read More Violation: Violation of Probation

Result: Jail Time Avoided

Defendant pleads guilty to Driving Under the Influence and is placed on probation. While on probation, the defendant commits two thefts in two separate counties and pleads guilty to both. After a hearing and submitting over 30 documents, the Judge did not put the sentence into effect.  The probation violation sentence would have resulted in the defendant being incarcerated for the next 8 months, inclusive of credit for time served.  Because of our representation, jail time was avoided.
Read More Violation: Assault

Result: Not Guilty Verdict

My client, a sixty-seven year-old Registered Nurse, is charged with assault by two 19 year-olds as a result of an argument on a golf course. The client was accused of striking one of the young men with a golf club. Even though the State had offered to dismiss the charges after one year on the payment of court cost, the client felt she was innocent and took the case to trial. A not guilty verdict was rendered. 
Read More Violation: DUI and Violation of Implied Consent

Result: Original charges dismissed; $50.00 fine

Client charged with DUI around the city limits of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The client had worked a 12 hour shift, spent some time with his girlfriend, and attempted to go home. On the way home he states he fell asleep and totaled his car. Upon the arrival of the State Trooper, the trooper alleged my client smelled of alcohol. The trooper requested he take a blood alcohol test, which was refused. The defendant was arrested and charged with DUI and violation of the implied consent law. After a careful review of the video tape, it was determined that the officer did not properly advise the client of the consequences of failing to consent to the request for a blood alcohol test; therefore, avoiding any license suspension under the implied consent law. The firm's investigator obtained photos of the serious accident, as well as my client's payroll records. This proved that any field sobriety test given would have certainly been affected by the client's involvement in a serious crash, and his work records support that he was likely to have been tired from excessive work hours. Based on the wreck, driving tired, and as a result of our litigation, the DUI charge and the implied consent violation were both dismissed and the client pled guilty to reckless driving receiving a $50.00 fine. 

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