Smith County TN Complex Drug Charge

/Smith County TN Complex Drug Charge

Smith County TN Complex Drug Charge

We were retained very late in a complex case in Smith County. Our client is initially arrested after she has a vehicle left in front of her home for over a year.  An arrest warrant is issued for her and she is arrested. She requests the opportunity to get cash out of car, which deputy allows under close supervision. Her car is at a friends house who has borrowed her car. As she opens her trunk, her 5 thousand dollars is present but underneath is a few grams of methamphetamine.  Charged – Possession with intent to sell Methamphetamine 8 year minimum, 12 year maximum.

After posting bail, she then goes back to work in Cookeville for two full weeks, working 18 hour days and her employer allowing her sleep on the property till the job is completed. On the last day of work, her ex husband calls letting her know he has gotten in to her house, with no where to go. She tells him has to leave when she gets home.

The police then arrive with yet another arrest warrant when she arrives home with ex still in her house, claim they smell the dreaded marijuana and demand to search her home and low and behold, under the couch where ex is sleeping is large amount of meth. The Ex denies and client charged with Possession with intent to Sell Methamphetamine, a charge carrying 8 to 12 years on top of the theft charge involving the towed truck, a random false report charge for denying she knew the tow truck driver, and an additional meth charge for that found in the glove box of her car. Facing two consecutive 8-12 year sentences with a minimum 16 years she retains our firm. We show that the ex husband is likely owner of the meth in the house, the idea she would walk police to her car if it was her meth in the glove box is shown to be ludicrous. After much back and forth and set hearing along with counter offers, the client accepts two misdemeanor sentences with no jail time to serve.  16 years to zero, jail time. This can happen with hard work and good clients.

Frank Lannom with Tyler Stanfield

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