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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Read More Violation:  Driving Under the Influence, Failure of Implied Consent

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, up to $2,500.00 in fines, and restricted license
Result:  DUI and Implied Consent Charges Dismissed and plead only to Public Intoxication Resulting in $50 Fine
Additional Details:  Client was in U.S. Armed Forces and conviction on a DUI and Implied Consent charge would severely impede their military service career.  After successfully arguing  the legality of the stop and seizure in the General Sessions Court, all charges were dismissed and client was allowed to plea to a misdemeanor charge of Public Intoxication resulting in no jail time and only a $50 fine.
Read More Violation: Possession of Schedule II Drug
Facing: Up to One Year In Jail and fines up to $2,500
Result: All Charges Dismissed With Client Only Required to Submit Negative Drug Screens for 6 Months
Additional Details:  Client is a successful student enrolled in an out-of-state college and any criminal conviction on their record would hamper their career opportunities.  Client had previously entered a pre-trial diversion in another county on a prior Schedule II charge.  After being charged with possession of Schedule II drugs, the client was not eligible for pre-trial diversion again as a person can only enter one once in their lifetime.  We represented them in General Sessions, where we were able to obtain an agreement with the District Attorney to allow client to submit six months of drug screens without entering a guilty plea. Our client avoided a criminal conviction which would have been on their record and reportable for the rest of their life.
Read More Violation:  Possession of Schedule II and IV Drugs With Intent For Resale

Facing: Each charge would be a felony offense carrying sentences up to six (6) years each
Result:  After negotiations with the Davidson County District Attorney, all charges against our client were dismissed.
Additional Details:  Client was travelling with a companion in client’s vehicle in Davidson County when they was stopped.  Companion was on probation in Williamson and Putnam Counties.  After negotiations with the District Attorney, all charges against our client were dismissed.
Read More Violation:  Driving Under the Influence

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, up to $2,500.00 in fines, and restricted license

Result:  The legality of the stop and seizure was successfully argued and won in the General Sessions and Criminal Courts, resulting in dismissal of charges against client.

Additional Details: Client driving in Tennessee while being followed by a County Sheriff’s Department Deputy. Deputy records three drifts by the citizen’s automobile onto and partially into a turning lane. The turning lane tapered on two occasions into a two lane highway. During the driving within the portion of the highway containing only two lanes there were no driving imperfections. The driving was captured on video. Client is stopped and charged with DUI and consented to a blood test registering a result well over the legal limit.  Our firm challenged the legality of the stop, alleging that it was conducted without a warrant and in violation of the Tennessee and United States Constitution. The challenge to the unconstitutional stop was granted in the General Sessions Court. The State elected to indict the citizen in the Criminal court, where the challenge to the stop of the vehicle was renewed. After a hearing the Trial Court also granted the Citizens motion to suppress the stop and seizure, effectively dismissing the charges against the Defendant.
Read More Violation:  Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Obey Commands of Police, and Disturbing the Peace – Macon County

Facing: Fines, Imprisonment, and Police Record

Result:  All charges dismissed with no court costs

Additional Details: Client arrested in his own home after contractors with local electric cooperative were on his property cutting trees. Confrontation ensued and police arrived, ordering client back into his home.  Client call to the police the next day resulted in police ordering him out of his own yard and into his home.  Client calls the Macon County Sheriff’s department, when further actions occurred with contractors, and that call resulted in charges accusing him of placing Lafayette City police dispatcher in fear of her life.  Client was personally charged by the Lafayette City police chief.
Read More Violation:  Aggravated Assault

Facing:  3-6 years Imprisonment

Result:  After contested hearing, charges dismissed by Grand Jury

Additional Details:  Client is a former member of the armed forces. Accused of and admitted to shooting sister’s husband, who was unarmed and in his own home.  Client alleged sister’s husband was attacking his sister.
Read More Violation: Multiple counts of resale of Schedule IV drug

Facing:    Each charge carried minimum 2-4 year sentence and a minimum fine of $2,000 each charge.

Result:  Client granted judicial diversion and avoided permanent conviction and will not be found to be a convicted felon. All but one count dismissed and it is eligible to be expunged.
Read More Violation:  DUI Implied Consent in Davidson County

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, fine up to $2,500.00, and one year suspension of driving privileges.

Result:  After completion of MADD classes and DUI School, we were successful in having charges reduced to Reckless Driving.

Additional Details:  Due to reduced charges, trial and jail time were avoided. Obtained restricted license allowing client to travel to work, worship, etc. No probation required.
Read More Violation:  Vehicular Assault, Driving Under the Influence 2nd

Facing: 2-4 Years in Imprisonment

Result:   DUI 1st, 48 hours jail, Granted Restricted License

Additional Details:  Client driving impaired and causes wreck resulting in serious injury to other party. Other party testified in court to serious injuries. After cross examination of other party and arguments to the court, client only found guilty of DUI 1st (despite previous DWI conviction) and sentenced to 2 days in jail and granted a restricted license.  State was seeking 2-4 years in jail.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence 2nd, Driving Without a License, and Failure to Consent - Tennessee

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, fine of $2,500.00, one year suspension of driving privileges.

Result: DUI and Driving Without a License Dismissed, Guilty only of Failure to Consent (due to prior DUI conviction), resulting in 7 days served weekends only.

Additional Details: Citizen leaves local eatery in popular well-lit area and fails to immediately turn on headlights after putting the car into gear. He does turn the lights on after leaving the parking lot. Police officer observed the car moving without lights, but the lights are on when the police officer pulled the Defendant over. Police officer fails to utilize video tape capabilities to record interaction with Defendant. Investigation of reports show that Defendant passed two of the four requested field sobriety tests. After 9 months of litigation, the DUI 2nd and Driving without a license were dismissed. As the Defendant had been found guilty of a prior DUI, he was found guilty of Failure to Consent as he refused to take a blood test at the police officer's request. The Defendant served only 7 days for that conviction and was allowed to serve them on weekends only.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence - Jury Trial - Smith County, Tennessee

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, fine of $2,500.00, one year suspension of driving privileges.

Result: DUI case dismissed resulting in no imprisonment, court cost or fines.

Additional Details: The case resulted in a not guilty verdict following a jury trial in Smith County Tennessee on September 8, 2011. Mr. Lannom's client was stopped for traveling 68mph in a 45mph zone along Highway 25. After the officer conducted field sobriety tests he determined that the driver of the automobile was, in his opinion, under the influence. The stop resulted in several charges including, DUI, Implied Consent as well as open container. The arresting officer did not video tape any portion of the defendant's driving or field sobriety tests. Mr. Lannom challenged the sufficiency of the evidence, arguing that there was a lack of the same that resulted from faulty procedures that the arresting agency employs. At trial Mr. Lannom was successful in convincing a jury that reasonable doubt existed which resulted in a not guilty verdict as to the charge of Driving Under the Influence.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence - Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, fine of $2,500.00, one year suspension of driving privileges.

Result: DUI case dismissed resulting in no imprisonment, court cost or fines and expungement of the arrest warrant.

Additional Details: Mr. Lannom's client was a passenger in the vehicle, of which she was the owner, when the vehicle was stopped by an officer in Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently charged with DUI, which resulted in our client being charged with DUI for allowing the driver to operate her vehicle. While the law is seldom employed, Tennessee automobile owners, who are also passengers may be arrested and charged with the same crime as the driver who is alleged to be impaired. A conviction of DUI, carries mandatory jail time and license revocation for one year. In Davidson County the arrest warrant directly alleges the crime of DUI for anyone charged with DUI as a result of allowing an impaired drier to operate her vehicle. All charges against our client were dismissed before trial.

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