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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Violation: Possession Schedule II Drug & Paraphernalia/Davidson County
Possession of Over 1,000 Marijuana Plants in Home - Class A Felony (Wilson County)
Result: All charges in Davidson County were dropped and Client allowed to plead to a Class C Felony with suspended sentence and 1 year of supervised probation. After probation is served, client will have all charges dismissed and expunged from their record.
Additional Case Results: Davidson County and Mt. Juliet drug investigators executed 3 search warrants on the Defendant's residences in Davidson and Wilson County, resulting in charges of possession of a schedule II drug (cocaine) and possession of drug paraphernalia in Davidson County. The 2nd and 3rd search warrants resulted in charges of possession of more than 1,000 marijuna plants in one of the homes in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Frank Lannom and Melanie Bean challenged the validity of the Davidson County warrant in the Davidson County Criminal Courts.  The result of their full year of work in the Court was a finding the Search Warrant was fatally flawed and all evidence recovered was disallowed as evidence and a dismissal of all drug charges was entered. After this successful result, Frank turned his attention to the search warrants in Wilson County which resulted in the large find of marijuna plants and the charge of a Class A felony based on the number of plants, which carried a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 25 years and the seizure of the home.  

Leveraging the win in the Davidson County Criminal Courts, all charges were reduced to a Class C Felony with a completely suspended sentence with only one year of supervised probation. After completion of all probation, an agreement pursuant to judicial diversion was reached, which will result in all charges being dismissed and expunged.  No jail time was spent by the client in either county.  The hard work by my team in Wilson County resulted in the particularly satisfying result for me and my client. Further satisfaction was received by rulings protecting the sanctity of a citizen's home from arbitrary invasion by the Police.
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Violation: Aggravated Statutory Rape (Appeal of Conviction)
Result: Conviction Set Aside and New Trial Set
Additional Case Results: Client was accused of the crime of Aggravated Statutory Rape and was represented by an attorney who handled criminal cases on a part-time basis and seldom handled cases involving sexual allegations or the Tennessee Sexual Offender’s registry.  After limted investigation and litigation, client pled guilty to Aggravated Statutory Rape and was placed on Judicial Diversion.  Client was advised by the court and his attorney that he would only be on the sexual offender registry for a limited time. Due to allegations of misconduct on the defendant's behalf, the court ordered the defendant to be on the sexual offender registry for a minimum of 14 years, contrary to the agreement made at the time of sentencing. Client was not sentenced to incarceration.
The client hired my firm to revoke the plea agreement entered 2 years prior.  Although Tennessee State Law basically states that citizens were not entitled to effective assistance of counsel nor proper advisement of what penaties they would face on the sexual offender registry, we filed a motion to revoke the guilty plea on the basis the client was misadvised as to his placement on the sexual offender registry by his attorney, the State's attorney, and the court.   The client had suffered multiple abuses by those overseeing the sexual offender registry for 4  years, including forcing him to quit jobs, prohibiting him from working at lawful jobs, making him leave work to meet with them without notice, placing GPS monitors on him without cause, and coming into his home unannounced.
After extensive briefs on the law and the nature of his representation, the criminal court was required to set aside his guilty charge and set the matter for trial.  This is quite possibly one of the first convictions set aside in Tennessee for failure of counsel to properly advise the consequences of the Sexual Offender's Registry.
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Violation: DUI, Possession of Handgun and Violation of State Muffler Law

Result: Charges Dismissed

Additional Case Results: Citizen was driving a four wheel drive vehicle in the City of Mt. Juliet.  The police officer, who was approximately ½ mile away, testified that he heard a “loud and fast sounding” vehicle leaving a local restaurant.  Officer speeds through the parking lot of Providence Shopping Center in Mt. Juliet, and quickly pulls up behind the citizen who was driving a Dodge truck on the road. A stop of the vehicle was made and the officer charged the driver with DUI, possession of a handgun and violation of the State muffler law.  On behalf of the driver, we filed a motion to suppress the warrantless stop of the vehicle and to exclude any evidence obtained as a result of the stop.  On cross examination, the officer admitted that he never saw the vehicle he stopped driving erratically and that the vehicle had an intact muffler system. It became clear after cross examination of the officer that he never saw the client drive improperly, spin his tires and clearly never violated the state muffler law (this law requires vehicles to have a working muffler system and the truck in question had an expensive muffler system installed).  After cross examination , the Court found that the stop of the client’s vehicle lacked probable cause and that the stop of the client’s vehicle was illegal and all charges were dismissed without court cost.
Read More Violation: DUI 3rd Offense and Possession of Marijuana

Result: Charges reduced to DUI 1st Offense

Additional Case Results: Client was charged with 3rd Offense DUI and was facing up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, loss of license for up to 6 years, seizure of vehicle and stiff fines. Frank was able to negotiate a plea to DUI 1st Offense with all other charges dropped after proving all other pre-trial requirements had been completed. Client will only have to serve 30 days in jail, keeps their vehicle, have a suspended license for 1 year (but Frank negotiated a Restricted License for that time period to enable client to go to a from work and other necessary places), and fines attributable to a DUI 1st Offense which are significantly lower than for a 3rd Offense conviction.
Read More Violation: DUI 2nd Offense

Result: Charges reduced to Reckless Endangerment, no court date and no jail time

Additional Case Results: Client is in the healthcare industry and losing their license would make their career almost impossible. This was clients 2nd DUI. Frank was able to negotiate a plea to Reckless Endangerment after proving all other pre-trial requirements had been completed. After filing the proof with the court, the court ordered that our client spend 48 hours in the DUI Center and, if proof of completion is on file by a certain date with the court, there will be no need for our client to appear in court.  Our client avoided the jail time, significant fees, and stigma of a DUI 2nd charge.
Read More Violation: Aggravated Assault with a Weapon - Facing 10  to 15 years in prison. Subsequent search of client's home also resulted in charges of prior sale of illegal drugs, possession of Schedule VI and II narcotics, possession of marijuana and 5 counts of possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.

Result: Fully probated sentence for Client enabling him to remain free and raise his child.

Additional Details: Client had 5 prior felony convictions and was charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault, allegedly brandishing a weapon at three teenage girls.  Prior felony convictions enhanced the possible penalty from 3-6 years to a possible 10-15 years.  After the charges and the result of the service of a search warrant on his home, the Defendant was charged with a prior sale of illegal drugs, possession of schedule 6 and schedule 2 drugs, narcotics and marijuana and 5 counts of possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.  The investigation uncovered that the dates on the search warrant, detailing reasons to search the Defendants home were dated in January 2011 and the search not conducted until January 2012.  Presuming the dates were correct, the information was over a year old and not sufficient to justify the warrant. The state responded the dates were an oversight and the information was really only days old.  Prior to filing a motion to suppress the search the state's offer was 9 years to serve in the state Penitentiary. After filing a motion to suppress the search the defendant received a fully probated sentence even with his extensive history and remained free to raise his young daughter and has prospered during his release. (The aggravated assault charges and the prior felony sale of marijuana were not subject to the search warrant)
Read More Violation: Drug Possession – Marijuana
Result: After a bench trial, our client was found not guilty.
Additional Details: Our client, a 19 year old female, was charged with possession of marijuana by the Lebanon Police Department. During a search of our client’s vehicle, a marijuana  cigarette was found at her feet.  An investigation showed that actually two teenagers were sitting in the passenger seat at the time and that other teenagers were within an appropriate distance that, upon seeing the police, could have thrown the marijuana into the floorboard. Our client had prior charges that had been retired and faced the possibility of not only the punishment from the current charge but the resumption of the prior charges if found guilty.   After a Bench trial, the court found that reasonable doubt existed concerning who may have possessed the marijuana and found our client not guilty.
Read More Violation: Aggravated Assault with a Vehicle

Facing: 3-15 Years in State Prison

Result: Allowed to plead to a lesser offense, which was completely suspended, and reduced probation - no jail time.

Additional Details: Client was accused with purposely hitting his former girlfriend and mother of his child with a vehicle during a meeting at a public place. The Client had several prior criminal convictions and probation violations for which he had served jail time.  The state supplied a statement from an uninterested witness who, the state asserted, had confirmed it was an intentional act of running over the young woman, sending her over the front hood of Client's car and leaving her on the ground appearing dead (the alleged victim survived without serious injury).  That same witness gave a conflicting story to our firm's criminal investigator and this conflicting statement was used to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense, which was completely suspended, and reduced the period of probation by two years.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, up to $2,500.00 in fines, and restricted license

All charges dismissed

Additional Details:  A neighbor called the police informing them that a domestic dispute was occurring and that one of the parties was leaving the scene.  Two officers stopped our client, a female, and took her back to the scene. They subsequently conducted field sobriety tests and arrested her for DUI.  The State requested and received a blood alcohol test for our client and it was above the legal limit.  I argued the fact that the police did not have probable cause to pull my client over and search her due to the fact that she was in a private driveway, not a road, plus the original call had said it was a man. Thus, the original call was not justification enough to search and detain my client.  After a lengthy hearing, all charges were dismissed against my client resulting in no jail time and no criminal record.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence, 2nd Offense; Underage Driving While Impaired, and Underage Consumption of Alcohol

Result: Pre-Trial Diversion with no conviction, no jail time and no loss of license if client does not commit another offense for 12 months
Additional Details: Defendant submitted to a blood test for the purpose of determining his blood alcohol content, which was reported by the TBI laboratory to be .23 (almost triple the legal limit for adults and ten times the legal limit for individuals under that age of 21).  After an investigation, it was uncovered that the alleged prior conviction occurred while the Defendant was under the age of  18 and therefore could not be used to enhance him to a second offender for the purposes of the DUI law. Although the Defendant was charged with both the adult and underage versions of DUI, he could only be convicted of one of the offenses. The offense of underage driving while impaired is eligible for both judicial and pre-trial diversion. Our firm confirmed through the TBI data base he was eligible for diversion and negotiated an agreement to enter pre-trial diversion. This means as long as the 20 year old commits no offenses within the next year, he will not be convicted of any offense, receives zero jail time and has no loss of license.
Read More Violation: Felony Burglary, Criminal Trespassing, Misdemeanor Theft

Facing: Class C Felony Burglary Sentence of 3 to 15 years and fines in the state penitentiary and up to $10,000 in fines plus additional penalties for trespassing and theft.

Result: Felony burglary and theft charges dismissed, criminal trespass continued for 30 days until dismissed. Client left with no criminal record.

Additional Details: Client is a developmentally challenged young adult and was charged with entering an outbuilding with another young adult and stealing scrap metal. Even though the client was not of average intelligence he was still eligible to be charged as an adult. He was dismissed from his job, even though menial and was very devastated by the loss which was to continue until such time as there were no charges pending alleging theft or burglary charges.  After gathering the clients IQ testing and educational records, a quick agreement was reached to dismiss the felony burglary charges and thefts, while agreeing to continue the criminal trespass charge for 30 days until dismissed, leaving the client with no criminal record and the ability to return to his job.
Read More Violation:  Possession of Schedule II for Resale In School Zone - Class A Felony

Facing: Mandatory Minimum Sentence of 15 Years, plus fines and probation
Result:  10 days to be served on weekends and misdemeanor conviction only.
Additional Details:  Client is a hard working man with a family.  He works full time but after a few weeks of indulging in a drug addiction, while still working his job and getting little or no sleep at night, he is discovered by local police asleep in the parking lot of school closed for the summer.  In his car is several grams of a schedule 2 narcotic, cocaine.  What appears initially to be what would have been a charge of simple possession of a controlled substance for personal use, turns into a charge of Possession of a Schedule 2 Drug for resale while in a School Zone.  While possession of schedule two drug for resale is a serious class B felony, the application of the school zone enhancement turns the otherwise 8 to twelve year sentence, which carries the possibility of probation, into a class A felony (the same as second degree murder), with no possibility of probation, with a mandatory minimum sentence to serve of 15 years , if convicted.  After a lengthy investigation revealing the likelihood the government might fail in proving the essential element that the drug was for resale as opposed to possession for personal use, the Defendant receives 10 days to be served on weekends and misdemeanor convictions only.  A strong pre-trial investigation and proper presentment of the facts to the prosecuting attorney, was the primary method utilized to provide the citizen accused with the best criminal defense possible.  Client maintained his job, marriage and, due to suggested counseling. regains his sobriety. If you desire the  zealous representation that resulted in the above results from the best criminal defense attorney, give us a call.

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