Melanie Bean Protects Father’s Rights In Custody Case

//Melanie Bean Protects Father’s Rights In Custody Case

Melanie Bean Protects Father’s Rights In Custody Case

We were hired by our client, a young father fighting for custody of his child, in the following case after a local counsel recommended settlement. After a year long battle and a contentious trial, Melanie Bean and her team established our client as the primary residential parent of the parties’ young child.

Our involvement in the case began over a year ago when the young man and his family decided to move retain Melanie and her professional family law litigation team to attempt to gain custody of the young child.  The mother abandoned the marital home, had the husband arrested, and made numerous other allegations to improve her chances of keeping the child.

After a year of battles and a contentious trial, the court ruled that our client, the father of the child, was the most suitable parent for child. This marks the 2nd time in as many months a father has won the battle to be the primary parent for a young child with Melanie Bean and her team’s assistance.

If you are in need of a professional firm, contact Melanie Bean and her team at Frank Lannom Law Group. Here you will find the attorneys and staff with the experience and talent you need to give you the best chance at raising your child.

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