Wilson County TN Domestic Assault Case Result

/Wilson County TN Domestic Assault Case Result

Wilson County TN Domestic Assault Case Result

Violation: Domestic assault – Wilson County


Result:  Charges dismissed after A&D Assessment


Details: Client had spent the day with his family on a fishing trip. As the day wore on, more things interfered with the day resulting in he and his wife drinking after the family returned home. The client lost his temper and during a disagreement with his wife the parties argued and the client “pushed” his wife with an open hand. The wife called the police in the hopes they could help calm him down and get him inside the home. Upon arrival, the police arrested the client for assault on his wife, resulting in a 12 hour stay in jail before being allowed to make bail. The judicial commissioner entered bail restrictions against the client preventing him from returning home to his wife and children. Prior to hiring me, the wife appeared before the judge, pleading that her husband had never touched her before, he was needed at home and she desired for the bail conditions to be released so he could come home. Her request was denied. After being retained we were able to get the case back in front of the judge and presented the facts to the assistant district attorney general.

As a result, an agreement was reached to dismiss the charge upon the client completing an A & D assessment and the bail conditions were immediately dropped allowing the client to return home with his family.

Everyone left happy, best result in a criminal case.

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