Tennessee Felony Drug Case Result

/Tennessee Felony Drug Case Result

Tennessee Felony Drug Case Result

Violation: Felony Drug Case – Smith County Tennessee

Result: Dismissal of felony drug charges resulting in no criminal record.


Details: Client was speeding along I-40 in Smith County Tennessee. The Tennessee Highway Patrol runs a drug interdiction in the area, stopping cars, particularly those with young drivers or drivers with ethnic background other than white in search of cars transporting drugs.

Client was a young white male. When stopped by the Trooper, he was asked if there was anything of interest in his car. The client advised that he had marijuana and a pipe in his car. The Trooper conducted a search and reported finding a glass jar with (3) plastic bags containing marijuana, a grinder and 4 pipes.  The trooper also found one schedule III pill the client had in his center console. The marijuana was in excess of one half ounce. After obtaining a copy of the video tape, our client’s prescription drug records, and investigating our client’s criminal history we were able to obtain a complete dismissal of the schedule III drug charge and the paraphernalia charges. The felony marijuana possession charge was reduced to a misdemeanor offense as the state could not prove it was possessed with the intent for resale and a pre-trial diversion agreement was entered. As our client had completed, at our request, an alcohol and drug assessment prior to the case being heard. There was no supervised probation and zero criminal convictions on his record as he will be eligible to have it expunged after one year.

A young man with a bright future will continue on his path.

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