Recent Criminal Case Result 23

/Recent Criminal Case Result 23

Recent Criminal Case Result 23

Violation: Domestic Assault and Violating Bail Conditions

Result: All charges dismissed and expunged without court cost

Additional Case Results: A 3-tour veteran of the Army special forces was accused by his wife of  severe domestic assault, including choking with a forearm and being thrown about the home.  After the arrest, the Defendant was accused of violating his bail conditions by going back to the his home even though his now estranged wife had vacated the home.  The alleged victim appeared in court to testify against her husband with numerous pictures of her bruised and bleeding body.

A very thorough investigation by investigators with Lannom and Williams revealed that a Mt. Juliet police officer had answered her distress call alleging assault before the victim sought a warrant.  It was found the alleged victim showed all of her injuries to the officers after the attacks that allegedly stretched over three days. Much to prosecutor’s surprise, the injuries shown in the pictures were not present when officers answered the call and were shown the injuries our client was accused of inflicting.  The alleged victim’s ex-husband was called to testify on our client’s behalf.  The ex-husband, an active duty Lebanon police officer, advised  prosecutors under subpoena that the same women had made unfounded accusations against him during a break-up, which were also disproven.

Much to the alleged victim’s surprise, prosecutors were convinced her story would not withstand cross-examination and all charges against our client were dismissed and expunged without court cost.

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