Recent Criminal Case Result 22

/Recent Criminal Case Result 22

Recent Criminal Case Result 22

Violation: Possession Schedule II Drug & Paraphernalia/Davidson County
Possession of Over 1,000 Marijuana Plants in Home – Class A Felony (Wilson County)

Result: All charges in Davidson County were dropped and Client allowed to plead to a Class C Felony with suspended sentence and 1 year of supervised probation. After probation is served, client will have all charges dismissed and expunged from their record.

Additional Case Results: Davidson County and Mt. Juliet drug investigators executed 3 search warrants on the Defendant’s residences in Davidson and Wilson County, resulting in charges of possession of a schedule II drug (cocaine) and possession of drug paraphernalia in Davidson County. The 2nd and 3rd search warrants resulted in charges of possession of more than 1,000 marijuna plants in one of the homes in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Frank Lannom and Melanie Bean challenged the validity of the Davidson County warrant in the Davidson County Criminal Courts.  The result of their full year of work in the Court was a finding the Search Warrant was fatally flawed and all evidence recovered was disallowed as evidence and a dismissal of all drug charges was entered. After this successful result, Frank turned his attention to the search warrants in Wilson County which resulted in the large find of marijuna plants and the charge of a Class A felony based on the number of plants, which carried a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 25 years and the seizure of the home.

Leveraging the win in the Davidson County Criminal Courts, all charges were reduced to a Class C Felony with a completely suspended sentence with only one year of supervised probation. After completion of all probation, an agreement pursuant to judicial diversion was reached, which will result in all charges being dismissed and expunged.  No jail time was spent by the client in either county.  The hard work by my team in Wilson County resulted in the particularly satisfying result for me and my client. Further satisfaction was received by rulings protecting the sanctity of a citizen’s home from arbitrary invasion by the Police.

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