Underage Consumption & Public Intoxication

/Underage Consumption & Public Intoxication

Underage Consumption & Public Intoxication

Violation: Underage Consumption of Alcohol and Public Intoxication

Result:  All charges dismissed

Additional Details: 20 year old client was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and public intoxication. Both client and parents were highly concerned about the the young person’s future record. From a legal perspective, we advised client that the use of a pre-trial diversion would keep him from having a criminal record but use of this one time alternative should be avoided if possible. After discussion with the prosecuting attorney, client completed and alcohol and drug assessment and all recommendations and, as a result, all charges were dismissed against the client.  This allowed our client to not only avoid a criminal conviction, but to do so without using the one time opportunity of diversion.

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