Recent Criminal Case Result 38

/Recent Criminal Case Result 38

Recent Criminal Case Result 38

Violation: DUI 3rd Offense, Possession of Schedule IV and Schedule VI Drug, Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

Result:  Client allowed to plead guilty to DUI 2nd and received no jail time for drug possession charges.

Additional Details:  Client was on probation for DUI 2nd offense when arrested in Cannon County for DUI 3rd offense, possession of a schedule IV drug, Xanex and possession of the schedule VI drug, marijuana and possession of drug paraphernnalia.  The client was scheduled for an alcohol and drug assessment and we worked to apply the newly enacted DUI law to the client’s facts. The case was continued for a sufficient amount time to elapse so that a probation violation warrant would not issue based upon our appearance in court. An agreement was reached wherein the client plead guilty to DUI 2nd offense and received zero jail time for the drug offenses. The client was approved for out-patient treatment that will enable him to earn a 20 day of reduction from the 45 days sentence and allowed time to serve the DUI sentence in a DUI center as opposed to jail. The return date was able to be postponed until June of 2015 in order to allow his graduation from school. As a result of our work in this case, the client avoided the minimum mandatory 120 days sentence for DUI third offense, received 20 days credit for outpatient treatment and the remaining jail time to be served after his school was completed.

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