Recent Criminal Case Result 35

/Recent Criminal Case Result 35

Recent Criminal Case Result 35

Violation: Driving on Suspended License and Failure to Appear


Result:  Driving on Suspended License reduced to $25 fine for Failure to Exhibit License and Client was allowed to enter pre-trial diversion for the Failure to Appear. The client received no jail time, no criminal record and was able to keep her license.


Additional Details: Client received a citation for driving on a suspended license and reached an agreement to return to court with a drivers license on a specified date.  The client failed to return to court as ordered for 3 years but was eventually arrested on a failure to appear warrant in Wilson County, Tennessee. After application for a certified criminal history, the client received pre-trial diversion for the failure to appear, resulting in no criminal record nor jail time and the driving on a suspended license was dismissed upon a $25.00 fine for failure to exhibit her license. This resolution resulted in no jail time for the client, no criminal record and allowed her to retain her new license.

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