Recent Criminal Case Result 15

/Recent Criminal Case Result 15

Recent Criminal Case Result 15

Violation: Drug Possession – Marijuana

Result: After a bench trial, our client was found not guilty.

Additional Details: Our client, a 19 year old female, was charged with possession of marijuana by the Lebanon Police Department. During a search of our client’s vehicle, a marijuana  cigarette was found at her feet.  An investigation showed that actually two teenagers were sitting in the passenger seat at the time and that other teenagers were within an appropriate distance that, upon seeing the police, could have thrown the marijuana into the floorboard. Our client had prior charges that had been retired and faced the possibility of not only the punishment from the current charge but the resumption of the prior charges if found guilty.   After a Bench trial, the court found that reasonable doubt existed concerning who may have possessed the marijuana and found our client not guilty.

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