Mt. Juliet TN Felony Sexual Battery Charge Attorneys

/Mt. Juliet TN Felony Sexual Battery Charge Attorneys

Mt. Juliet TN Felony Sexual Battery Charge Attorneys

mt. juliet sex crime attorney

Sexual offenses in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Following is a recent case result I and my team resolved for our client, who was facing the very serious charge of felony sexual battery. Our client was drinking at a local bar and swimming pool combination at a high end apartment complex. Upon becoming intoxicated, he was verbally abusive to one women and touched two other young (but adult) women, who rebuffed him.

Our client was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual battery, a felony offense that can result in high fines and lengthy jail time as well as the possibility of being placed on the sexual offender registry for life.

Our client was placed into inpatient treatment facility for alcohol abuse and competed the program, including over 100 AA meetings and he also completed all other recommended treatment conditions.

As a result, we reached an agreement with the DA (with the victims’ consent) to drop the sexual offenses to the charges of assault and assault through offensive touching, all misdemeanor offenses.

The misdemeanor charges allowed the plea to be entered pursuant to judicial diversion allowing the charges to be dismissed and the record expunged on completion of one year of probation.

Many times, we are able to find the right programs for our clients to complete to address the underlying issue that resulted in their being charged with a crime. This benefits them, satisfied the DA, and usually the accuser understands and appreciates the effort put forth by the accused to address and end the addiction or mental illness that resulted in the charge.

In addition to myself, I have highly trained associate attorneys, paralegals, and a full-time investigator on hand to make sure our clients get the attention and results they expect and deserve.






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