Mt. Juliet TN DUI Charged Dismissed

/Mt. Juliet TN DUI Charged Dismissed

Mt. Juliet TN DUI Charged Dismissed

Violation: DUI Prescription Drug Related and Assault


Result: DUI Dropped, Client Plead to Reckless Endangerment


Details: Client had addiction issues with Benzoid based medications. An argument with his father resulted in the police being called. The client fled the residence and was eventually stopped by Park Rangers and held till Wilson County Deputies arrived. We obtained the client’s blood results which showed a number of drugs, some of which client had a prescription for, but some they did not. We ran the drugs through a charting system showing most were within therapeutic range (which does not necessarily prevent prosecution). We produce counseling records and argued for a dismissal or reduction of the DUI charges. Due to drug use, the video showed our client as quite uncooperative and verbally abusive. By working hard before court to obtain counseling, prescription records and other mitigating facts, we were able to obtain a dismissal of the DUI charge with the client pleading guilty to Misdemeanor Reckless Endangerment.

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