Criminal Case Result 33

/Criminal Case Result 33

Criminal Case Result 33

Violation: Driving on Suspended License and Failure to Appear

Result: No jail time for either charge and reinstatement of drivers’ license.

Additional Details: Client was charged with driving on a suspended license in August of 2010 and give a court date of September 2010. Prior to the court date, the client was incarcerated in another county and served an extensive jail sentence. The client did not contact the court either during his incarceration or after his release and did not report to the court until another arrest in June of 2014.  While the court was not impressed at his failure to contact the court upon his release from custody for such a long period of time, the defense of incarceration on the court date was sufficient to warrant a dismissal of the charge of failure to appear. The charge of driving on a suspended drivers’ license was amended, thereby eliminating another suspension of his driving privilege. This was possible after we assisted the client with obtaining additional time to have his license reinstated.  No jail time on either charge.

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