Criminal Assault Dismissal Watertown, TN

/Criminal Assault Dismissal Watertown, TN

Criminal Assault Dismissal Watertown, TN

Client is respected homeowner in Watertown, Tennessee. After he hires a sub-contractor to pour a concrete slab, things start to go wrong. Sub doesn’t remove his equipment and after client returns with his family from high school football game, sub is found impaired at his home at midnight and asked to leave when his inebriated state prevents him from loading his skid steer to leave. The next night, he again shows up late in the night and can’t get his truck started and custom continues until he is told that not to come back and that he can only send his employees but he is not to return. My client’s family is on the property and live there and he doesn’t want them back.

Subcontractor won’t let it go and shows up trying to load up forms bought by the General Contractor and after being fully paid. Once again he has a beer in his hand. My client takes a stand and refuses to let him take the forms and the sub attacks my client with an 8 X 10. The sub weighs well over 300 lbs and my client 180. Client does take away the board but subcontractor gets another and my client defends him self with a PVC pipe. The fight continues where sub contractor refuses to leave and is seen backing up with my client advancing. Rather than leave in his truck, the sub contractor backs up more. What isn’t obvious is he is backed up to another 8 x 10 and quickly tries to use it as a weapon. Police see a video clip of what happens but don’t take it as evidence. When recounting what he remembered, deputy forgets about Sub contractor stopping above the board and him picking it up but tells the judge my client is the aggressor.

In rare move, I put proof with my client telling his story but not the video. It was the deputy’s job get the video and bring it and my client sounds so believable and sober as apposed to the subcontractor. The hearing lasted till 6 pm but the case ends with a dismissal of al Criminal Assault charges against my client.  They had a stress free family dinner for the first time in a while.

Frank Lannom

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