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Family Law

Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Case: Petition to Increase Rehabilitative Alimony

Result: Petition to Increase Alimony Denied

Details: Melanie defended a Husband against his former Wife who sought to increase and extend her rehabilitative alimony award from 60 months to 120 months. Melanie successfully defeated the Petition of the spouse proving that the former Wife had no change circumstances to seek the modification. Melanie provided the Court with evidence that Husband had no additional ability to pay, that Wife’s expenses had actually decreased since the alimony award, that Wife’s income had increased since the alimony award, and that Wife was quite possibly limiting her employment hours in an effort to appear that she had not been sufficiently rehabilitated.

Read More Case: Paternity
Result: At the court hearing Melanie Bean demonstrated that no fraud was used by our client, the Father, in procuring the child custody agreement and that the agreement was in the best interest of the child, based upon the circumstances at the time of the custody agreement which vested primary parenting responsibility to the Father.  The custody agreement was found to be legally binding on the Mother. The Court further found Order of Protection should be dismissed.
Details: Father and Mother, who were unmarried and living in two separate countries, entered into a settlement agreement sharing custody of their child.  Mother sought to set aside the agreement under a special rule of procedure in an effort to keep the keep Father from having agreed parenting time with his child claiming the agreement was procured by fraud. Mother strategically also sought an Exparte Order of Protection to prevent Father from even contacting the child pending the hearing despite Father being thousands of miles away without the ability to even place Mother in fear of physical harm.
Read More Case: Custody/Post Divorce
Result: At the hearing Melanie Bean proved the allegations against our client, the Father, were partially false and others were exaggerated and convinced the Court to Dissolve the Restraining Order.  Father was immediately restored his full equal parenting schedule and the  Father and the children were immediately reunited.
Details: Mother and Father exercised equal parenting time, but Mother sought an Exparte Restraining Order temporarily terminating Father’s visitation implying inappropriate acts and excessive discipline with the children.  Father was prohibited from seeing his children for a month before a hearing could be held.
Read More Case: DCS accuses Macon County Father of sexual molestation of a former step child and sought to remove his visitation rights with his own daughter.

Result: Dismissal of the Department's petition and immediate return of Equal Time with Daughter.

Details: After several hearings exposing the inconsistencies in the belated statements of the former step child and the mother, and turning the Department's own experts to the advantage of the Father, Melanie Bean obtained a complete dismissal of DCS’s petition and obtained a ruling finding that the allegations against the father were a complete fabrication.  Father and daughter were reunited after an eight month fight to clear Father's name.
Read More Case: DCS accuses Wilson County Mother of neglecting her children and exposing them to drug use.

Result: Dismissal of the Department's petition at the first hearing challenging the authority of DCS to remove client’s children for her home.  Mother and children were immediately reunited based upon Melanie’s representation.

Details: Melanie Bean was able to obtain a dismissal of the petition of DCS that had removed Mother's children from her custody on an emergency basis.  The dismissal was obtained at the first hearing (often called a 72 hour hearing) when Melanie demonstrated that the department had insufficient proof and that the likely cause of the extreme allegations against the Mother was an over zealous ex-husband seeking to gain custody of their children through inappropriate means.
Read More Case: DCS accuses Wilson County Mother of physical abuse and failing to protect her daughter from physical abuse of her boyfriend.

Result: Child returned to mother's custody and DCS petition dismissed.

Details: In a Wilson co case, our client and her boyfriend were accused of physically abusing her daughter and causing severe bruising to her body.  Melanie negotiated with DCS allowing the child to reside with family members until an emergency hearing could be held for return of the child to the Mother.  This prevented the child from being removed to foster care pending the hearing. After a 72 hour hearing, Melanie was able to convince the court to return the child to our client, the child’s Mother, and the department eventually dismissed their petition against our client.
Read More Case: DCS indicated father for physical abuse after protecting his wife from an abusive foster child, who had already broken the leg of his wife in an earlier encounter.

Result: Indication reversed

Details: Due to Melanie’s vast experience with the Department of Children’s Service, and her successful history in fighting them, an attorney from East Tennessee asked for her help in appealing a case to chancery court and negotiating a reversal of the indication with the State Attorney General’s office.

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