Recent Criminal Case Result 08

/Recent Criminal Case Result 08

Recent Criminal Case Result 08

Violation: Possession of Schedule II Drug

Facing: Up to One Year In Jail and fines up to $2,500

Result: All Charges Dismissed With Client Only Required to Submit Negative Drug Screens for 6 Months
Additional Details:  Client is a successful student enrolled in an out-of-state college and any criminal conviction on their record would hamper their career opportunities.  Client had previously entered a pre-trial diversion in another county on a prior Schedule II charge.  After being charged with possession of Schedule II drugs, the client was not eligible for pre-trial diversion again as a person can only enter one once in their lifetime.  We represented them in General Sessions, where we were able to obtain an agreement with the District Attorney to allow client to submit six months of drug screens without entering a guilty plea. Our client avoided a criminal conviction which would have been on their record and reportable for the rest of their life.

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