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Memorial Day Roadblocks and BUI Checks

Memorial Day weekend means cookouts and swimming, but it also means increased patrol  by law enforcement for people operating vehicles under the influence. We have one published roadblock for tonight in our area: a sobriety checkpoint at Central Pike and John Hagar in Mt. Juliet. But every county, including Wilson, will have what is [...]

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Probation Violation Often Means Jail – No Bail

Probation Violation is the single criminal charge that will most likely to result in incarceration and routinely the only charge for which a citizen will usually be held without bail. Probation violations are truly a local issue and especially dependent on the custom or practice of a particular county. Even within a county, probation violations are [...]

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Should I Bail My Addicted Child Out of Jail?

It’s a question that no parent should ever have to ask themselves but, sadly, many parents are forced to – “Should I post bail when my child is addicted to drugs?”. Opiate and benzodiazepines addictions are common today. Opiates are primarily pain killers (including Oxycontin and heroin) and a common benzodiazepine is Xanax. It [...]

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4 A.M. Musings of a Lawyer – Just Do Your Job

I am an attorney. This means I have the legal right to defend my client’s positions in a courtroom. Sometimes that means I undertake a position that the public disapproves of from time to time. In addition to the public, powerful people can and do disapprove of the citizens I represent. Powerful people who, if [...]

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Legislative Branch Makes Another Power Grab From Judicial

Several new laws took effect in Tennessee on January 1st. One prominent change in the law is that those convicted of Vehicular Homicide by Intoxication cannot receive probation. Common belief might be that such a law is supported by most all citizens and one in which there is little dispute, but that is not the case.For many years [...]

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Are We Going To Give Up Our Constitutional Rights This Easily?

Grundy county Tennessee is taking a controversial step to allegations of domestic assault.Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum is praising a bill that assumes guilt for anyone accused of domestic violence, while it keeps the poor who are accused and can't afford bail jailed before trial. Sheriff Shrum says he saw a problem and "started looking at [...]

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How Should I Dress For My Court Date?

Every good criminal defense lawyer (as well as every prosecutor) worth their salt knows that when it comes down to a close decision on the outcome of a case, the Judge can be swayed by how a client is dressed. Because of my over 20 years of experience, I know how important my client's appearance can be and I have advised [...]

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