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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Read More Violation: Speeding, Underage Possession of Alcohol, and Possession of Marijuana

Result: All charges were dismissed

Client was a college student traveling through Smith County, Tennessee. As a result of being stopped for speeding, the Smith County Sheriff's department dispatched a drug dog without any suspicion the young citizen was in possession of drugs. The client was charged with speeding, underage possession of alcohol, and possession of Marijuana. As a result of our representation, a challenge to the validity of the search based upon an alleged "hit' by the drug dog, and negative drug screens provided by our client at our request, all charges were dismissed on the payment of one court cost.
Read More Violation: Domestic Assault

Result: Charge Dismissed

Client is charged with domestic assault preceding the filing of a divorce action in Smith County, Tennessee. Bail conditions issued at the time of his arrest prevented him from contacting his own children or his wife. An order of protection was also issued on behalf of the wife preventing him from seeing his children. As a result of our representation, the bail conditions were modified and the the assault charge subsequently dismissed.
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Violation: Underage Consumption of Alcohol and Public Intoxication

Result:  All charges dismissed

Additional Details: 20 year old client was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and public intoxication. Both client and parents were highly concerned about the the young person's future record. From a legal perspective, we advised client that the use of a pre-trial diversion would keep him from having a criminal record but use of this one time alternative should be avoided if possible. After discussion with the prosecuting attorney, client completed and alcohol and drug assessment and all recommendations and, as a result, all charges were dismissed against the client.  This allowed our client to not only avoid a criminal conviction, but to do so without using the one time opportunity of diversion.


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Case: Petition to Increase Rehabilitative Alimony

Result: Petition to Increase Alimony Denied

Details: Melanie defended a Husband against his former Wife who sought to increase and extend her rehabilitative alimony award from 60 months to 120 months. Melanie successfully defeated the Petition of the spouse proving that the former Wife had no change circumstances to seek the modification. Melanie provided the Court with evidence that Husband had no additional ability to pay, that Wife’s expenses had actually decreased since the alimony award, that Wife’s income had increased since the alimony award, and that Wife was quite possibly limiting her employment hours in an effort to appear that she had not been sufficiently rehabilitated.

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Violation: DUI


Results: All charges were dismissed.


Additional Details: Client was charged with DUI after an accident. She agreed to submit to a blood test to determine her level of drugs or alcohol in her system. While the client was positive for both alcohol and prescribed medications, the alcohol content was below the legal limit; however, the presence of painkillers and other narcotics was found. After close examination of the report, we were able to convince the state that the alcohol and drug levels were insufficient to sustain a conviction.

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Case Type: Injury in Lebanon Tennessee

Case Details:  Our client was injured in an accident which was not his fault in Wilson County Tennessee and suffered injury to his shoulder requiring surgery. The surgery was not able to repair all the damage and our client was unable to resume his job of 30 years. The injury ended up requiring a second surgery and our client lost his job.

Result: We negotiated with the insurance company, but they did not want to offer a fair settlement for our client. In order that he be able to keep his house and expenses, we assisted him during this process in getting his social security disability benefits. After setting the case for trial, the insurance company offered a fair settlement of $262,000 to our client.

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Violation: DUI 3rd Offense, Possession of Schedule IV and Schedule VI Drug, Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

Result:  Client allowed to plead guilty to DUI 2nd and received no jail time for drug possession charges.

Additional Details:  Client was on probation for DUI 2nd offense when arrested in Cannon County for DUI 3rd offense, possession of a schedule IV drug, Xanex and possession of the schedule VI drug, marijuana and possession of drug paraphernnalia.  The client was scheduled for an alcohol and drug assessment and we worked to apply the newly enacted DUI law to the client’s facts. The case was continued for a sufficient amount time to elapse so that a probation violation warrant would not issue based upon our appearance in court. An agreement was reached wherein the client plead guilty to DUI 2nd offense and received zero jail time for the drug offenses. The client was approved for out-patient treatment that will enable him to earn a 20 day of reduction from the 45 days sentence and allowed time to serve the DUI sentence in a DUI center as opposed to jail. The return date was able to be postponed until June of 2015 in order to allow his graduation from school. As a result of our work in this case, the client avoided the minimum mandatory 120 days sentence for DUI third offense, received 20 days credit for outpatient treatment and the remaining jail time to be served after his school was completed.


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Violation:  DUI in Mt. Juliet

Result:  DUI Dismissed

Additional Details:  Client was arrested a DUI roadblock placed by the Tennessee Highway Patrol at South Mt. Juliet Road. After allegedly failing field sobriety test, client submitted to a blood alcohol test, which returned a result above the state limit of .08%.  We filed a motion contesting the legality of the State’s warrantless roadblock which resulted in the client’s arrest. The State dismissed the DUI charge without a hearing and the client was given a $50.00 fine. 

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