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Sexual Battery in Smith County TN

Violation:  Sexual Battery (Class C Felony) facing 3-6 years in prison and mandatory registration on sex offender registry

Result: Plead to two misdemeanor offenses which did not require Client to register on sex offender registry. Plea was entered under Judicial Diversion which will allow client to have the charges dismissed and their record expunged after 1 year.

Details: Client was the manager of a retail food establishment. Stress from the job lead to inappropriate drinking, at times while Client was at work. One evening after drinking and while closing the store, Client was accused of inappropriately touching a 17 year old female employee. This resulted in a charge of Sexual Battery by an Authority figure. This charge is a Class C felony which carries between 3-6 years in prison and mandatory registration on the state's sexual offender registry. After an extensive investigation into the offense and the allegations of the alleged victim, an agreement was reached wherein the client pled guilty to two misdemeanor offenses which did not require them to be placed on the sexual offender registry. The plea was also entered under judicial diversion, which will allow the client to have the charges dismissed and have the allegations expunged from the public record beginning in one year.

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