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The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Read More Violation: Aggravated Assault with a Weapon - Facing 10  to 15 years in prison. Subsequent search of client's home also resulted in charges of prior sale of illegal drugs, possession of Schedule VI and II narcotics, possession of marijuana and 5 counts of possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.

Result: Fully probated sentence for Client enabling him to remain free and raise his child.

Additional Details: Client had 5 prior felony convictions and was charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault, allegedly brandishing a weapon at three teenage girls.  Prior felony convictions enhanced the possible penalty from 3-6 years to a possible 10-15 years.  After the charges and the result of the service of a search warrant on his home, the Defendant was charged with a prior sale of illegal drugs, possession of schedule 6 and schedule 2 drugs, narcotics and marijuana and 5 counts of possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony.  The investigation uncovered that the dates on the search warrant, detailing reasons to search the Defendants home were dated in January 2011 and the search not conducted until January 2012.  Presuming the dates were correct, the information was over a year old and not sufficient to justify the warrant. The state responded the dates were an oversight and the information was really only days old.  Prior to filing a motion to suppress the search the state's offer was 9 years to serve in the state Penitentiary. After filing a motion to suppress the search the defendant received a fully probated sentence even with his extensive history and remained free to raise his young daughter and has prospered during his release. (The aggravated assault charges and the prior felony sale of marijuana were not subject to the search warrant)
Read More Violation: Drug Possession – Marijuana
Result: After a bench trial, our client was found not guilty.
Additional Details: Our client, a 19 year old female, was charged with possession of marijuana by the Lebanon Police Department. During a search of our client’s vehicle, a marijuana  cigarette was found at her feet.  An investigation showed that actually two teenagers were sitting in the passenger seat at the time and that other teenagers were within an appropriate distance that, upon seeing the police, could have thrown the marijuana into the floorboard. Our client had prior charges that had been retired and faced the possibility of not only the punishment from the current charge but the resumption of the prior charges if found guilty.   After a Bench trial, the court found that reasonable doubt existed concerning who may have possessed the marijuana and found our client not guilty.
Read More Case Type: Social Security Disability

Case Details: Client was 51 years old and injured his back while picking up bags of concrete.  This was in addition to several prior injuries and surgeries.  We successfully represented the client on his workers compensation case.  He filed for disability on his own and was denied and was again denied on his appeal.  Client hired us to handle his third and final appeal and we were successful in obtaining his disability benefits for him prior to his hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
Case Results:  Our client received his benefits including retroactive pay.
Read More Case: Paternity
Result: At the court hearing Melanie Bean demonstrated that no fraud was used by our client, the Father, in procuring the child custody agreement and that the agreement was in the best interest of the child, based upon the circumstances at the time of the custody agreement which vested primary parenting responsibility to the Father.  The custody agreement was found to be legally binding on the Mother. The Court further found Order of Protection should be dismissed.
Details: Father and Mother, who were unmarried and living in two separate countries, entered into a settlement agreement sharing custody of their child.  Mother sought to set aside the agreement under a special rule of procedure in an effort to keep the keep Father from having agreed parenting time with his child claiming the agreement was procured by fraud. Mother strategically also sought an Exparte Order of Protection to prevent Father from even contacting the child pending the hearing despite Father being thousands of miles away without the ability to even place Mother in fear of physical harm.
Read More Case: Custody/Post Divorce
Result: At the hearing Melanie Bean proved the allegations against our client, the Father, were partially false and others were exaggerated and convinced the Court to Dissolve the Restraining Order.  Father was immediately restored his full equal parenting schedule and the  Father and the children were immediately reunited.
Details: Mother and Father exercised equal parenting time, but Mother sought an Exparte Restraining Order temporarily terminating Father’s visitation implying inappropriate acts and excessive discipline with the children.  Father was prohibited from seeing his children for a month before a hearing could be held.
Read More Case Type: Social Security Disability
Case Details: Client was a welder when a steel beam fell on him and crushed his pelvis at 28 years old.  He suffered a broken femur and bladder and urethra injuries.
Case Result: After being denied twice, Client was awarded disability benefits, including retroactive pay, at social security benefits hearing.
Read More Violation: Aggravated Assault with a Vehicle

Facing: 3-15 Years in State Prison

Result: Allowed to plead to a lesser offense, which was completely suspended, and reduced probation - no jail time.

Additional Details: Client was accused with purposely hitting his former girlfriend and mother of his child with a vehicle during a meeting at a public place. The Client had several prior criminal convictions and probation violations for which he had served jail time.  The state supplied a statement from an uninterested witness who, the state asserted, had confirmed it was an intentional act of running over the young woman, sending her over the front hood of Client's car and leaving her on the ground appearing dead (the alleged victim survived without serious injury).  That same witness gave a conflicting story to our firm's criminal investigator and this conflicting statement was used to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense, which was completely suspended, and reduced the period of probation by two years.
Read More Violation: Driving Under the Influence

Facing: Up to 11 months and 29 days imprisonment, up to $2,500.00 in fines, and restricted license

All charges dismissed

Additional Details:  A neighbor called the police informing them that a domestic dispute was occurring and that one of the parties was leaving the scene.  Two officers stopped our client, a female, and took her back to the scene. They subsequently conducted field sobriety tests and arrested her for DUI.  The State requested and received a blood alcohol test for our client and it was above the legal limit.  I argued the fact that the police did not have probable cause to pull my client over and search her due to the fact that she was in a private driveway, not a road, plus the original call had said it was a man. Thus, the original call was not justification enough to search and detain my client.  After a lengthy hearing, all charges were dismissed against my client resulting in no jail time and no criminal record.

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