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Success for Our Middle Tennessee Clients
The following facts represent a sample of our many successful case results.
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Read More Violation: Probation Violation and Domestic Assault

Result: All Charges Dismissed

Client was on 10 years probation for multiple charges, including stabbing her boyfriend.  The parties had reconciled, although probation conditions prevented her from being in his presence.  While on probation, she was arrested once again for assaulting her boyfriend and charged with violating her probation.  This was her third probation violation involving her boyfriend.  Through our investigation we were able to show her boyfriend had come to her place of employment and her home prior to the assault.  A probation violation of her entire 10 year sentence was avoided.  She served 22 days and all charges were dismissed. 
Read More Violation: 2 Counts Aggravated Assault

Result: Not Guilty

A decorated Vietnam Veteran was acquitted if two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on July 14th, 2016 in the Wilson County Criminal Court.  After over a year of having bond restrictions, which prevented him from having a firearm to protect his family from the aggressor that brought the charges, a Wilson County jury found the 66 year-old resident not guilty on all counts.  Frank Lannom tried the case with the assistance of his clerk and investigator Andrew Nutt.
Read More Violation: Simple Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Result: All charges dismissed

Client was represented by other counsel in the General Sessions Court of Wilson County, Tennessee on the charge of simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  No resolution was reached and the matter was bound over to the Criminal Court of Wilson County.  After the matter was indicted by the grand jury, the client retained me, Frank Lannom,  to defend her interest.  After investigation into the video tape of the arrest and the background of other passengers in the car, all charges against the client were dismissed.
Read More Violation: Assault charge

Result: Charges dismissed on 90 days good behavior

Client lived in a very controlled neighborhood in the Mt. Juliet/Lebanon area.  Client was accused by separate homeowners of threatening them.  Our investigation uncovered discrepancies in statements of the accusing homeowner.  In his first statement to police, he did not say our client had a gun, and only later changed his story. This resulted in all charges being dismissed on 90 days good behavior.
Read More Violation:  Felony Possession of Marijuana

Result: Charge reduced to misdemeanor offense

Client was charged with felony possession of marijuana. The officer alleged to have smelled marijuana in the car.  A subsequent search found excess of one ounce of marijuana in his possession. As a result of our work and investigation, the felony charge was reduced to the misdemeanor offense of simple possession of Marijuana.
Read More Violation: DUI/Public Indecency

Result: No conviction, jail time, or criminal record.

Client was found passed out behind a local restaurant, unclothed in her automobile with the keys in the ignition and the car running. Her blood alcohol was far over the legal limit. By pursuing video surveillance we were able to show that the automobile was used more as a "bedroom" than a car and through negotiations the case was very properly categorized as public indecency. As a result of client's lack of a prior criminal record, the public indecency was resolved via pre-trial diversion and client received no conviction, no jail time and no criminal record.
Read More Violation: DUI; Violation of Implied Consent
Result: Charge dismissed

Client was charged by the Tennessee Hwy Patrol with driving under the influence and violation of the State's implied consent law in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Client was accused of being unable to maintain a lane of travel, crossing the center line. After completing a field sobriety test, he was arrested and charged by the District Attorney. After making a formal request for the video in the highway patrolman's unit, we were able to show the driver did not appear intoxicated. The DUI charges were dismissed in total. 
Read More Violation: Domestic Assault

Result: Charge Dismissed

Female client was charged with punching her husband in the eye, receiving a charge of domestic assault.  Husband desired to keep his 17 year old son from testifying and advised the prosecuting attorney he was out of state visiting a relative. We were able to get the son on the phone, confirming that he was in fact in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee at the father's house, with the father's knowledge. Upon this information being provided to the District Attorney General the case was dismissed in spite of our client's husband insisting on a conviction. Case dismissed.

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