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How Should I Dress For My Court Date?

Every good criminal defense lawyer (as well as every prosecutor) worth their salt knows that when it comes down to a close decision on the outcome of a case, the Judge can be swayed by how a client is dressed. Because of my over 20 years of experience, I know how important my client's appearance can be and I have advised clients on how to dress and even bought their clothes if they weren't able to dress for the occasion themselves. Clients often ask me the best way to dress for court and my advice has changed little over the past several years.

There are some obvious dressing decisions that are not only a bad idea but likely prohibited by court rules. Things not to do in any court, no matter what county you're in are:

  • Don't ever wear shorts
  • No excessive jewelry
  • Clothing with inappropriate wording
  • Exposed mid-drifts
  • No sagging pants
  • Excessive cleavage
  • No mini-skirts or short dresses
  • Tights or "yoga pants" without additional outer covering
  • Exposed under garments

Here is the official code for for Davidson County Courts and you can use it as a guideline for any court in Tennessee, even if their particular codes aren't published. My advice to clients is to "wear your best" and never wear anything on the above list. Alot of us use our clothing and accessories to express ourselves. Court is not the place to do that with any type of dramatic flair. A suit and tie or dress with heels are not required, but if a client has an appropriate outfit and feels comfortable in them, then they are perfectly fine. It's not a good idea for the client to dress in a way that is completely foreign to them as they look out of place and unnatural. It is always safe to wear khaki's and long sleeve (pressed) shirt or a nice blouse with slacks.

The point of proper dress is to show that you take the matter in court seriously. If the court or the prosecutors think you are not taking the matter seriously, they might well take it upon themselves to make sure you take your court appearance more seriously in the future! One the other hand, if your dress conveys you understand the serious of a criminal accusation, the same judge or prosecutor might well think the point of the prosecution has been accomplished, allowing a dismissal or lowered penalty.

Wear your best but never wear stupid. The best criminal defense lawyer's will discuss and advise their clients in this matter. We always do so with our clients and, if you're attorney hasn't talked to you about the subject, be sure and ask them before court.

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